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Commercial Property

The place from which you operate your business is probably one of the most important considerations to your success. Our commercial property team recognises that no two problems in business are the same. Whether you are a large company taking a lease in a commercial complex or a small high street trader looking to lease a shop, restaurant or office we can help give you the security you need.

We listen to our clients to ensure we gain a full understanding of your business and its needs. We can help you negotiate terms of a lease or tenancy, or the renewal of an existing lease.

We are experienced in dealing with many disputes which come out of commercial leases including rent reviews, repairing disputes and breach of covenants. We can advise you on contractual matters, planning issues, stamp duty land tax and tax considerations.

Whether acting on behalf of a landlord or tenant, we look to help resolve any issues through a process of sensitive negotiation. We look to speed matters up because we know this will be in your commercial best interests, but we won’t compromise the full and comprehensive advice which we will give you to protect your position as much as possible.

So whether you are looking to rent or buy an office, a pub, an industrial unit or a shop, contact one of our specialist commercial property lawyers below and benefit from our expert advice to help secure the occupation of your business premises.

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