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Family Law

At Hardmans, we are able to provide specialist advice on all aspects of family law.

We specialise in all aspects of family work in particular, in divorce, financial remedies proceedings (which relate to the financial aspects of the breakdown of your relationship), children matters and cohabitation disputes. You will have the benefit of the attention of a qualified Solicitor who is a member of the Solicitors Regulation Authority Family Law Accreditation Scheme.

When instructing us in family matters, you will not only be assured of our expertise, but also that we will manage your case efficiently and with a high degree of sensitivity appreciating your needs and concerns at all times. You will appreciate the importance of a sympathetic ear at a time when confidence in your Solicitor is of paramount importance.

Some of the areas we cover in the family department are:-

Married Couples

  • Divorce
  • Separation Agreements
  • Financial remedy matters
  • Pre-marital agreements

Unmarried Couples

  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Resolution of Financial Matters including applications for Orders for Sale

Civil Partners

  • Pre-partnership Agreements
  • Dissolution of partnerships


  • Child Arrangements

Pre-marital Agreements

Whilst all of us would like to think that every relationship would end “happy ever after”, it is well worth considering entering into a pre-marital agreement to provide assistance in the event of the breakdown of the relationship.

First, you should realise that no agreement can be absolutely binding, in that the Court always has the final word, but particularly where there are no children it is something which the Court can be asked to consider. Agreements can therefore be a useful tool in hoping to provide greater certainty of outcomes.

Essential elements of trying to achieve a useful agreement will include:-

  • A formal agreement
  • Uninfluenced and fair negotiations
  • Independent legal advice for each party
  • Full and frank disclosure by each party

If you wish to try and provide for greater clarity and certainty of outcome in your relationship then let us advise you on the benefits of a pre-marital agreement.

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