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Our charity of the year 2023

We are very pleased to be supporting Happy Endings Rescue charity this year as our “Charity of the Year 2023”.

Happy Endings is an animal rescue charity providing a safe haven for a diverse collection of animals in need.

You can support this charity in several ways: –

  • By adding a donation to your payment when you settle your invoice for our services;
  • By donating in the collection pot situated at the office;
  • By dropping in physical donations, such as old towels, blankets and animal food and we will be taking these items directly to Happy Endings Rescue at various times during the year.
  • Clicking here to go directly to the Happy Endings website where they can take donations online.

As always we are grateful for all support given and look forward to having fun whilst raising money for this great cause.

Happy Ending Charity Information
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