Your home, your money, your nest egg…why leave your future to chance?

Lasting Powers of Attorney
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Don’t leave yourself exposed to fraudsters – put your affairs in order and make a Lasting Power of Attorney before it’s too late.

Who’s in charge of your world?

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Questions most people ignore…

  • What would happen if you can’t look after your daily affairs?
  • Who would keep an eye on your bank account?
  • Who would check that you are not the victim of cyber-fraud or suspicious bank transactions?
  • Who would pay your bills if you can’t?
  • What would happen if you went into hospital?
  • In the longer term, who would arrange your future care and decide whether the sale of your home was necessary? If it is, who would look after and invest the sale proceeds for you?
  • Who would look after your money and savings if you can’t?

At Hardmans, we are constantly amazed about the sheer volume of people who leave all these decisions to chance, hoping ‘it’ won’t happen to them.

By making a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), you can choose who steps in to help you if needed in the future. You can appoint the people you love and trust. Someone you know would do the right thing for you if they had to look after you.

Making an LPA doesn’t mean you give up your independence – it’s really more akin to an insurance policy. It means you can be in charge of who looks after your money and property, if you need help in the future. You still carry on dealing with your own business like you do now, but if something happens in the future, your LPA will be invoked to ensure your best interests are looked after.

Your may only need to rely on your attorneys temporarily. For example:

  • who would pay your bills or keep an eye on your bank accounts if you went into hospital?
  • If you own your own business, who would make decisions for you and sign paperwork in your absence?
  • And if the worst happens and you suffer a stroke or debilitating illness in the future, who will undertake all the ongoing daily tasks regarding managing your money and your income for you?

By putting in place a professionally drafted, valid and registered LPA, you can control who has access to your money in the future and who can make decisions for you if you are unable to make them yourself. We can ensure the LPA sets out what you require of your attorneys and how you want them to go about sorting our your affairs.

We can advise you on important issues which should be included in your LPA. Many people who make their own LPA don’t realise what issues they should be considering and don’t know how to draft a comprehensive LPA beyond filling in a blank form. A comprehensive LPA should set out your wishes, requirements and instructions clearly to ensure your best interests are always looked after.

Our experienced lawyers can advise you about all the things you should consider, draft a personalised LPA for you, that reflects your own wishes and ensure controls are put in place to protect you and your future.

Our comprehensive service includes:-

  • personalising your LPA to you
  • guiding you through each step of the process
  • advising your attorneys on their duties and obligations
  • on your request, acting as Certificate Provider (required to complete the LPA)
  • applying to register the LPA at the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG)
  • Dealing with all enquiries of the OPG, including any objections to registrations*
  • Storing the validated and registered LPA free of charge in our strong room and providing you with a copy for your own records.

Your LPA is valid for the rest of your life (unless you cancel it). Put yourself in control of your own future now. Contact the team on 01304 373377 or by completing the form below and take steps to secure your future now.

By Catherine Hobson

Meet the team

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Catherine was born in Rochester and educated at Fort Pitt Grammar School. After graduating from her LLB Honours Degree from University in London she moved to York to study professional qualifications at The College of Law.

After leaving York Catherine moved to Deal to start her training with the firm in 1996 and qualified in 1998. She was made a Partner in 2002 and continues to enjoy serving the local community of Deal and Sandwich.

Catherine has settled in Deal and has a strong commitment to Kent, having grown up and lived in the County for the most part of her life. She has a particular interest in the continued existence and growth of small businesses in East Kent which provides essential support and economic stability to local communities. Catherine is the Managing Partner of Hardmans and has a broad base of clients, both high net worth requiring specialist Inheritance Tax advice and business clients requiring specialist commercial advice.

Catherine feels it is extremely important that clients of all walks of life can continue to receive advice from a local firm from people with local knowledge who are available and on-hand to provide advice on a face to face basis, although use of the internet and telephone are useful and important communication tools. Results are however often achieved by talking to people – a method often forgotten in this time of electronic communication and faceless companies.

Catherine is Clerk to a local charity and also undertakes pro-bono work for a number of long standing Deal Charities.

Catherine lives in Deal and enjoys walking her dogs and going to the theatre.

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Kerry joined Hardmans Solicitors on the 28th October 2013, as Catherine Hobson’s Legal Secretary. Prior to this, Kerry worked at a local primary school as a teaching assistant where she enjoyed a varied and interesting role.

As of 1st November 2014, Kerry will take on the role of Office Manager as well as continuing to assist Catherine Hobson as her secretary.

Kerry says “I am very much looking forward to the new challenge and welcome the opportunity given to me, and working with a fantastic team”.

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