Client Registration Scheme

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We at Hardmans are very proud to introduce a scheme which is free of charge to you, and which we believe provides a range of genuine benefits for our clients.

All you have to do to join the scheme is complete a questionnaire, which can be requested by calling the office on 01304 373377 or by emailing us

The benefits of registering with the scheme are numerous:-

Personal advice tailoured for you

Simply quoting your name and registration number will enable us to immediately access your details and those of any matter in hand

Proactive advice

Because of the information that you have provided us with in your client registration questionnaire, we will be able to be proactive on your behalf in the advice we give and the services we offer. We consider our clients as people with a range of needs, rather than a matter in hand to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

In-depth advice

With more detailed knowledge about you, we will be much better placed to advise you fully and promptly when dealing with any matter on your behalf, or considering matters that might arise in the future.

Safe documentation

As a registered client of Hardmans, you will benefit from knowing that all of ‘life’s documentation’ will be listed and held safely in our strong-room for free. This may include Wills, trusts, deeds, life policies, share certificates, living wills, lasting powers of attorney etc.

Assessment of affairs

Of particular importance is a registered client’s entitlement to one free of charge preliminary discussion lasting 30 minutes on any legal matter within a wide range of services provided by Hardmans. You can take up this offer within your first year of joining the scheme. This meeting allows you to discuss matters with one of our senior lawyers in the knowledge that you will not be running up a bill, until we have established what legal assistance is needed and that we can supply it to you. At that stage, we will provide an estimate of fees, either on a fixed fee basis or by way of an hourly rate.

Free of charge seminars

From time to time we will be holding seminars, the content of which will be of particular interest to certain clients. You will be told in advance of these seminars which will be free of charge to registered clients.

Regular Newsletter

The Inside Hardmans Newsletter is designed to provide information about current legal situations and changes in the law. It also covers aspects of both the work we undertake, and the people who are here to serve you. Registered clients automatically receive each copy free of charge.

Aftercare Service

Increasingly, it has become the practice for firms to charge for storage and retrieval of clients’ files and legal documents, such as Wills and property deeds. As a registered client of Hardmans no charge will be made for the retrieval of files from the storage. There is also no charge to registered clients for the storage of property deeds and other personal documents or details of digital assets.

Social Networking

We would also invite you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter where you can stay up to date with the latest offers specifically aimed at members of the Client Registration Scheme.

Security and Assistance

An additional benefit of the registration scheme is security. Important contacts such as your next of kin, doctor, bank manager, accountant, employer, etc. can also be recorded so that in the event of an unforeseen happening we will be able to assist those trying to help you.

A little prompt

Because of the registered information we will keep about you, we are able to ‘prompt’ during any meeting with you, should we believe action might be required, for example, in making or updating your Will, establishing a Lasting Power of Attorney, considerations relating to inheritance tax planning, issues that affect you as an employer, or employee and of course any potential litigious matter.

Registration card

Last, but certainly not least, each registered client is provided with a registration card, which we would suggest, you keep in your purse or wallet at all times. It carries the message, ‘In the event of an accident or emergency please contact my solicitor quoting my client registration number’, along with our telephone number, email and address. Whatever the circumstances, we are here to help you.
If you would like to become a ‘Registered Client’, call our team on 01304 373377 orย complete the form below.

Client Registration Scheme Enquiry