Buying or selling your home – instruct your local solicitor

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So you have found the house of your dreams. You put in an offer and it is accepted. It was that easy. All that is left to do is instruct a solicitor to carry out the conveyancing and that is it – the keys are yours!

If only it were that easy…

Buying or selling your property can be one of the most exciting yet stressful experiences of your life. It is therefore really important that you find a conveyancing solicitor who is not only professional and personable but who is efficient and able to move the process on as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So why local?

In this day and age, methods communication are endless. Gone are the days when the post and the telephone were the only way of communicating with your solicitor. Fax and email mean quicker and easier ways of contact but if you want to know that the person you are instructing is professional and understands your own specific needs, then you need to be able to walk into their offices and meet them face to face. If you are buying a property in Deal and instruct solicitors a long way away then you are not only unlikely to ever meet them, it is possible you will never even speak to the same person each time you contact them.

Whether you are buying an old or a new property then a solicitor with knowledge of the local surrounding area is imperative. Knowledge of local matters such as drainage, land charges, planning, conservation areas, to name but a few, is really important to make sure that important matters are not missed. Using a local solicitor will mean someone with a sound knowledge of the local area and there are less likely to be either a delay during the matter or problems at a later date.

Do not be fooled…

The cheapest is not necessarily the best. A much cheaper quote may indicate either hidden costs, or that the conveyancer handling the matter is overworked and handling a high volume of transactions. The latter could mean a poor and slower service. Often these organisations simply cannot afford to do the work they have with a high level of service and client care.

A large organisation linked to your estate agent will not necssarily be quicker. Many of these recommendations will be because the Agent is receiving a fee from the solicitors if you instruct them. This does not necessarily benefit you. It is unlikely to be any quicker than if you were to instruct someone more local and could even slow things down! If speed is of the essence then being able to walk into your local solicitor and sign last minute documents is essential. Even with today’s methods of communication there are still original documents that require a signature and until that document has been received by the solicitor, exchange or completion may not be able to take place. This is far quicker and easier with a local solicitor as you can pop into their offices the same day.

Why Hardmans?

At Hardmans we have many years experience of conveyancing practice. Our conveyancers have lived and worked in the area for many years and are therefore extremely knowledgeable regarding local matters. We pride ourselves on our high level of professionalism and client care and we are happy to talk to you about your individual needs therefore offering a conveyancing service specific to you. Furthermore, we are open Monday to Friday and can offer appointment during your lunchtime and late in the day if this is necessary.